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Machina Taitian est 1-16000 Tons hydraulicas torcularia pro variis applicationibus customizare potest. Suprema processus a consilio ad fabricandum torcular hydraulicum perficitur cum progressu technologiae Europaeae, producta principalia comprehendit: 100-12000 Tons SMC compressio torcular coronae, 100-16000 Tons hydraulicum torcular cudendi, 100-3000 Tons Sheet Metal Deep Drawing or Metal Stamping Press. Taitianum torcular hydraulicum late applicantur ad partes automotivas, subsidia domestica, partes electricas et electronicas etc.


Automotive Industry

Construction Machinery


Rail traffic

Mori Condita

Familia adjumenta

Balneo Materias Aedificium

Culina Tableware

Electrical and Electronic

Purificatio curatio

Animal Breeding

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